Legalities of London escorts

The legalities of prostitution within the EU are very complicated. The EU has issued some general legislation but at the end of the day, the individual member countries are supposed to monitor their own status as well. London escorts have been looking into the legislation surrounding this issue as they are aware that there are many underage prostitutes in London and in Europe. As a matter of fact, London escorts of have tried to help many underage girls in London but the main problem is that many of them are controlled by people traffickers and this makes it very difficult to deal with the situation.

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London escorts feel passionately that underage prostitution is becoming a really big problem in London and elsewhere. There are now many different nationalities in the capital. Most of them are honest and work hard, but there has been a few problems with criminal elements as well. People trafficking is nothing new but people trafficking in underage girls is a huge problem not only in London but the rest of Europe as well. Young children are often kidnapped from their homes, or even sold by their parents, some of them end up as underage prostitutes in major cities such as London.

What can be done? London escorts have spoken to police about the problem on many occasions but they seem to be having a really hard time to deal with the problem. There is a distinct lack of social help for these people, and London escorts would like to know how they are getting into the country any way. It can’t be that easy to smuggle people into the UK or can it? Surprisingly the government has recently recognized that it is very easy to smuggle people into the UK and it happens every week. The channel tunnel is the biggest problem.

London escorts would like to help but they feel powerless. There are many other fractions of society that would like to help as well and London escorts say it is a shame that people don’t seem to be able to join forces to combat and control the situation. Many of these young people stand on street corners so surely the police must be able to do something. The biggest problem is knowing who these young people belong to and where they have come from. Investigating their cases is a huge task and can indeed be very expensive for Europe’s government.

It is not only London who is experiencing a problem with underage prostitution. In Spain it is a very big problem as well. Along some of the main roads in Spain you can see very young girls sitting on chairs. They are prostitutes who are controlled by pimps. These young girls are expected to have sex with men who stop by in cars and pay them money. The money is thought to go directly to a pimp. If the girls are lucky they will receive some money at the end of the week but the pimps often take living expenses out of their earnings. It is a sad world that we live in.

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