How to make millions being a sex expert

Can you make millions being a sex expert without any formal training? Yes, the answer is that you certainly can. It is not so much about formal training. After a little while with London escorts, I soon realized that good sex is more about common sense and letting yourself go. We are in general too hung up about sex, and in many ways do not see it as a natural part of life. If we learned to do that, I am sure that many of us would enjoy more fulfilling sex lives.

How did I learn about sex? It all started when I joined London escorts. Lots of the girls at London escorts think it is all about chatting, but I found that it is all about listening. I always took plenty of time to listen to what my gents had to say. Most of them were keen to talk, and if you like, I learned a lot from their sexual experiences. We all enjoy different things when it comes to sex. On top of that you also need to fit around your partner. Mismatch libidos is a very common problem.

After a couple of years at London escorts, I started my own web site. Initially it was all about giving people advice on the best sex toys and stuff like that. Gradually I sort of drifted towards being a sexy agony aunt. I actually enjoyed and started to get a good response. Before I knew, I was writing a column for a leading men’s magazine and had started to make some serious money. I was so busy that I could only work part time for London escorts.

Anyway, my own network of sites grew and grew, and I finally had to give up my job at London escorts. It was around this time I published my book a London escorts diary. It quickly became a best seller, and to my surprise, became a bit of an expert on good sex. In the end, I was working for all of these different publications and was making a lot of money. It is kind of funny, but I had not expected my life to take me in that direction at all. It sort of happened by mistake more than anything.

Today, I am still in touch with London escorts, but I am also publishing lots of materials. As a sex expert I am really straight talking. There is no point in beating about the bush. I hand out the most intimate advice, and focus on both men and women. It is amazing what you can learn when you talk to others, and I put all of that to good use. Yes, having sex is a major part of my life, and having good sex is vital to me. Do we have enough of it? I personally don’t think so, and the lack of sex may even explain some of the most common ailments that we see today. Did you know that sex could lower your blood pressure?

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